Come On In

Sometimes life leaves us on our knees. Broken. Broken to the core.

This broken place is not a place people spend a lifetime seeking to find. It is not a fancy place. There is nothing appealing about it. It is quite an unwelcoming place at first.. one we want to get out of as fast as we can.

As we humble ourselves and invite God into those unwelcomed, broken places though… it is then we begin to discover something.. something beautiful.

A beauty not found in this world.

Out of tragic circumstances, even daily struggles, something beautiful occurs as we lay down our broken.

A beauty worthy to be embraced, treasured and cherished. Jesus.

My brokenness for his beauty. A beautiful exchange.

Come on in. Lets share this thing we call “life” together.. the good, the bad, the ugly.

It is in our broken we discover his beauty.